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A lot of the time I say “what a dick!” It does not necessarily mean that person is a dick in the sense of a jerk, or ass or anything. Just what a dick. Some one does something dumb, I say "What a dick!" If some one does something sketchy, I say "what a dick". Anyhow, one night it was brought to my attention that I lean back when I say this. Apparently, I arch my back a little and lean back. So one day I came up with Lean Back What A Dick, which then turned into LBWAD, on aim and stuff, now instead (sometimes, not all the time) I say El Bee Wad. Kinda like lolling I guess. There are variations to this as well.
LBWAD = Lean Back What A Dick.

LBWAN = Lean Back What A Noob.

LBWABSOAP = Lean Back What A Broken Shell Of A Person.

Make your own. As long as the acronym can be sounded out and phonetically sounds nice, you have made a new phrase.
#lbwad #lbwan #lbwabsoap #lean back #what a dick!
by Thomas Alexander March 30, 2006
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