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Little Bitty Titty Committee. Chicks with small tits are automatically in the LBTC
Garrett: Yo, I went to the pool today.

You: Oh, yea? Word. At The Landing?
Garrett: Yeaaahh.
You: Cool. Lots of fine bitches? Hahah.
Garrett: Yeaaahh. Most of 'em were in the LBTC, though.
You: Dammmmn. Ayyy, well, you win some, you lose some.
by GSqui June 06, 2013
Little Bit Too Cool. A person that feels they are way too sophisticated to socialize with you.
Neal: "Damn, that chick is HOT!"
Bob: "Dude, she's LBTC. I tried to talk to her last week, she looked me up and down, turned up her nose and walked away."
Neal: "What a stuck-up bitch!"
by Ben Dover I July 19, 2007
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