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Term of endearment of West Indian origin; usually used when talking to young child (particularly female), or girlfriend. It does not necessarily denote stature, although often it is directed at petite ladies.
"Alright little bit - how's it going?"
by Magnificent Teapot September 05, 2009
How about a little bit of lovin'?
When you are with somrone and there isn't a lot of time but you would like to get it on.

i.e. I have to catch my plane in about two hours, how about a "little bit" before I go?
by Joe Fitzpatrick June 14, 2006
a little nugget or marijuana saved from a larger nug. No certain size is necessary for a piece of weed to be refered to as a little bit. A little bit just has to be a piece that was broken off a bigger piece and is being saved for later
Hey Billy did you save a little bit for later?
by 337 October 13, 2004
1) A creature that is very small in size and brain power, most likely dropped on head in a 2nd grade class, Bug-eyed and furry, tends to chase after inanimate objects.
2)Verb: To be a nuisance to the beings around you, usually by making high-pitched noises and staring at things you expect the beings to throw.
1)I believe Oliver Twist was a Little Bit.
2)Dont Little Bit, or I will throw a rock at you!
by Hue Jass June 06, 2003