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A long black pube (oftentimes extremely thick and juicy) that is left behind on the toilet seat (typically by Asians).

These pubes can range in length from 3 to 5 inches, and are unnaturally thick.

In a modern society, it is generally frowned upon to leave behind an LBP. In some places, leaving behind this alien follicle specimen is considered an act of bio-terrorism.

Warning signs of an LBP include: Asian leaving the bathroom, distinct Asian shit smell coming from the bathroom, screams of disgust.
Chris: I got to go take a shit.

*30 seconds later*

Chris: AWWW! NASTY! Steve left a fucking LBP behind. I had to use a huge wad of toilet paper to get rid of it.
by AmericansForCleanerToilets April 13, 2010
little black pumps
I'm wearing my lbd and lbp's to the party tonight.
by KittySoWhat July 14, 2008
little boy penis
an underclassman boy has an lbp, or a boy that is young.
by brad&ashley April 15, 2011
Stands for Little Big Planet, a game exclusively for the PS3. It has received very favourable reviews.
LBP looks more like a Nintendo Wii game.
by z-iron October 21, 2008
Little Black Purse. (i.e., the perfect accessory to you Little Black Dress, or any other dress for that matter.) The Little Black purse is often overlooked because of its preconceived "blahness." It is actually as must-have as your LBD because a really classic LBP will go with anything and stay relevant forever. Chanel makes the classic LBP.
The only thing the outfit needed was a statement necklace and my perfect LBP.
by Gilzka July 26, 2009
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