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A long black pube (oftentimes extremely thick and juicy) that is left behind on the toilet seat (typically by Asians).

These pubes can range in length from 3 to 5 inches, and are unnaturally thick.

In a modern society, it is generally frowned upon to leave behind an LBP. In some places, leaving behind this alien follicle specimen is considered an act of bio-terrorism.

Warning signs of an LBP include: Asian leaving the bathroom, distinct Asian shit smell coming from the bathroom, screams of disgust.
Chris: I got to go take a shit.

*30 seconds later*

Chris: AWWW! NASTY! Steve left a fucking LBP behind. I had to use a huge wad of toilet paper to get rid of it.
by AmericansForCleanerToilets April 13, 2010

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