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LBB is an acronym for Low Budget Bitch. This noun is a reference to one who is lacking money, or has money but chooses to be a cheap bastard. The full term was featured on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", but an acronym for it was in crucial need.
"NeNe, you are an LBB!"-Kim

That LBB's card was declined at SUBWAY!
by Mastermind20 July 06, 2009
little black book
let me see your lbb.
by mooseeey! June 14, 2010
laxbroballer; a stud who is a god in everything that he does
Yo, LBB, wattup?
by cristiano98 October 18, 2010
Girl 1- OMG! Look at what she is wearing!
Girl 2- I know! She is such an LBB.
by Popular Chick March 10, 2008
Lil bi*tch bro
You are a lbb
by TMFM December 19, 2013
Acronym for 'Left brain buddy'
Yo! LBB! You want greens? :]
by Flippppper March 28, 2012
Left boob buddy. That one great friend that greets you by knocking boobs together, generally the left boob.
You: hey!
BFF: oh hey!
(chest bump)LBB!!!!
by uddaolay October 06, 2010

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