Like a throw up, Lay ups, or lays, are graffiti consisting
of 2+ colors in a bubble or stretched format on freight cars/the infamous NYC Subway/Transit System. Burning and
bombing can both be associated with laying up, since a burner
may lay a work from top to bottom, wall to wall (Top of the car to bottom, left side of the face to right), and then a bomber may lay up OVER the burner's work--

May also be called L'in or L'ed

Famous Layup/Throwie Artists from NYC include Tracy 168, MIN, SEEN, SKEME, etc.
Writer1:"LagooN Ave Burners just L'ed up (layed up) our line!"
Writer2:"Well, we best get L'in all over it then!"

W2:"I got some outties (outlines) for you, lay up!"
by Perk.213 October 29, 2005
Top Definition
an easy score. an uncontested basket.
He saw Betty across the room and he knew it was going to be a layup.
by jsaure October 28, 2004
Side tracks where trains are parked overnight and on weekends. Initally used to refer to subway layups, but now can refer to freight-train layups.
Layup are your friend.
by DigDug March 06, 2004
An organized date usually arranged by friends where the sole purpose is sex and/or getting over a failed/bad relationship. Should not be confused with rebound. A lay up may or may not culminate into a meaningful relationship.
Matt felt bad for James so he called Alice and had her arrange a lay up with one of her friends.
by Dr-acula February 04, 2010
hooking up with a girl at a club with little or no effort or game
I hooked up with her at the club last night, what a lay-up!!
by infinitycloser December 18, 2008
A girl who is so easy you can not miss.
if you miss a lay up you are open to all chirps regarding having no wheels and just being an all around bad guy.
Andrew: "Dev how could you miss that lay up you had the open lane!?"
Devin: "I got buttery fingers yoh"
by Gotem! February 08, 2010
The act of hooking up with a girl known to be easy, who is also usually somewhat nasty (someone you wouldn't hook up with while sober unless deprived of sleep and masturbation).
Hey man, I'm having no luck so I'm just gonna take a dive and shoot a lay-up.
by Smell of Pussy in the Morning September 16, 2010
When its getting towards closing time, and everyone's cocked, you look over to the other side of the bar and that girl thats drooling drunk... yeah, she's a layup. At this point, she'll go home with anyone with a pulse. No extra effort needed, easy layup.
Mike: its gettin late man
Steve: You're hopeless Mike, at this point, layup's your only option.
Mike: Yeah, i need a layup and i need one yesterday. oh thank god, theres Welma! She'll do.
by squints6969 November 08, 2011
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