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Lonely Assholes, No Lives, Lashing Out

Made popular by the Todd & Tyler Radio Empire

Used to describe people who write on a facebook, call a radio show, etc. only to complain or bash the page.

similar to "hater"
"Everyone on the facebook seems to be of the same opinion: the LANLLOs contribute nothing" - Todd
#tnt #haters #asshole #creeper #radio #empire #todd #tyler
by VanWoodrow June 02, 2011
Lanllo: Lonely Asshole w/No Life, Lashing Out

A person so miserable that, instead of doing something he/she enjoys, spends all of his/her time making negative hateful comments on youtube, facebook and other similar sites.

This waste of skin will typically watch, listen to, or otherwise voluntarily participate in something they absolutely hate in order to both make their lives more miserable as well as leave shitty, worthless remarks about said content.
"I fucking hate this show and cant stand when they say.... ___________ (insert remark here)." ~A LANLLO (who knows said hated content word for word)
#facebook #youtube #commenter #commentor #tnt #radioempire #lash out #lonely #asshat
by Infiltrator1981 June 01, 2011
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