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i feel like a LAMINA today
by jaroskowich August 23, 2008
Def: Animal backwards

Its from a old Muppet Babies cartoon where Animal the muppet is called The Great Lamina. It tends to transaltes to people usually a specific person who is an unorthadox maniac especially in sports. Like really short people in basket ball who ram the tall people in the balls with their heads on a lay-up to prevent getting rejected.
Oh crap darnell is covering the hoop! Its ok, just give it to the great lamina and he will just peck him in the balls with his head.
by Zerohour January 02, 2005
a light skinned whore or hispanic whore. Animal spelled backwards. Regular Whores are called Animals.
That little Cuban woman is a Lamina!
by Kiny28 January 26, 2008
Refer to a female that is whore'ish. Very "friendly" with multiple men
All females in the porno industry is a lamina
by Anton O August 02, 2007
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