An abbreviation of "Laughing to myself" created by NBA Superstar Dwyane Wade on his Twitter page.
-Then he went moo!

by JT1138 June 17, 2010
laughing to myself....started by dwyane wade of the miami heat on twitter!!!
i am laughing to myself (l2ms)
by mathree1 June 16, 2010
listening 2 music or listening to music
D00d #1: hey
D00d #2: hey, what's up?
D00d #1: l2m, u
D00d #2: nm, same
by Tajwer October 30, 2006
Laugh to Myself; to partake in laughter to ones self
by Jeevius 16 September 19, 2010
when someone asks what someone else is doing, and they say L2M, it means Listening 2 Music
person 1: Hey, wuu2?
person 2: nm, l2m, u?
person 1: meh, nm
by Han-B January 06, 2008
Like to meet
lovely to meet u
4 example:
Boi: Ok lets met!
Gal: Ok I L2M u 2 (Ok, I love to met u too)
by Dances August 10, 2004

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