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Despite common belief that considers it as an appetizer preceding the main course, in Italian restaurants actually it is a kind of dish which forces you to reject the rest of food you've already ordered.

As an accurate analysis of the word reveals, the prefix is not "ante" which means "before" (as in other Italian words "anteprima"= "preview" or "antenato"="forefather"), but is "anti" which means "against" (as in the Italian words "antifascista"="antifascist" or "anticlericale"="anticlerical")

Therefore the real meaning of the word is *"antimeal" or "against the meal"
Waiter: Good evening, have you already seen what's on the menu?
Customer: Yes, I'd like an antipasto, please.
Waiter: Good choice! And then, what else?
Customer: Don't you understand what I'm saying?! I don't wanna eat your fucking food!
by DanCes April 17, 2014
10-qx (thanks)

to shorten the word thanks
10qx a lot!
(isnt this kewl?)
by Dances August 10, 2004
14344 i often use this en' now lotsa web surfahz usesz it.

just count the letters!
4 ex:

Im chattin' wif mah bf usin' YM (YAHOO MESSENGER)

Mikee: ok u take care sweets
Me: u 2 "143445" (I love you very much mikee)
Mikee: "1432..446" (I love you too...very much dances)
by Dances August 10, 2004
Like to meet
lovely to meet u
4 example:
Boi: Ok lets met!
Gal: Ok I L2M u 2 (Ok, I love to met u too)
by Dances August 10, 2004

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