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One of the most amazing people you will ever meet. Someone who will always cheer you up and make you happy. Kyne is someone special and who always knows how to brighten up your day.
I just saw Kyne... My day just got better!

I ran into Kyne this morning. Today will be a good day~
by Jenxan August 21, 2011
An ancient Norse/Gaelic name that means 'Chief of the Tribe'. A variation of 'King'.
Kyne demonstrated his legacy as a leader at an early age.
by ThinkingTeacher May 20, 2015
(1)To be sad, emo, or "Q_Q"
(2)someone who is depressed but yet wants to take over the world
(3)someone who gets to involved in video games
(4)To overuse the "Q_Q"
Don't be Kyne! cheer up!
I feel so kyne. . .Q_Q.
by breadstixies April 03, 2007
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