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Nice and very easy to talk to. You can trust a Kyle with everything. He isn't very demanding and can be a HUGE flirt. Over all, hes almost perfect <3
"Can i trust you like I would Kyle?"
by Genesis1813123456789 November 08, 2011
231 138
Kyle is guy who won't think twice to help you and never sees it as a big deal. He has a strong drive to protect everyone around him. Kyle is smart in school and the ways of the world but can be the biggest dumbass at times. Usually funny because of jokes that degrade himself and he is always fun to be around. Loves the ladies but gets a little less back. Has been called cute and such by random girls but never led to anything so he doesn't buy it. Very humble and doesn't think he is worth the shit he puts in the toilet. Can be very serious and depressed but holds his problems to himself not wanting others to share his burden. Learns from his mistakes and won't give in if he makes the battle personal. Kyle just seems to love everyone even if you are a doosh.
Kyle may be the best guy we will ever know.

Kyle would give his life for us.
by TheSockMan!! November 27, 2009
198 113
A sexy, loving, and extremely caring guy. They are usually quiet thinkers, easy to love, and are usually athletic. Kyles usually go out of their way for their friends, are very good problem solvers, and will listen to every detail of a friend's problem before helping to solve it. Kyles are also very calm and patient, truthful, and fair people

*The name comes from (Irish) Gaelic and Celtic roots, meaning:
-Channel (Canal or Strait)
-Narrow (Woods or Churches)

Kyles are known to be extremely compatible with Meredith
Hey, who's that sexy guy over there helping Natasha get over her ex? Dude, that's Kyle!
by BControl March 19, 2009
228 146
Kyle's are super sweet, they are always hot! They always have amazing eyes. Kyle's are every girls dream guy! You have to be careful around Kyles because they are easy to fall in love with. They are good kissers, and they are very protective. Kyles are very funny and are good at making you smile. You wont regret knowing one!
Kyle is the most amazing person I can think of!

Ya I know right!
by blonde808 June 18, 2011
168 88
The sexiest, sweetest, funniest, most adorable, and most laid back guy you'll ever fall in love with. .He's absolutely amazing!
Kyle?! Ahhhh!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!
by kylelover :D March 08, 2011
177 98
Such a modest and sweet boyfriend. He's also a loyal & hilarious friend. When he makes a mistake, trust me he won't stop apologizing. He appreciates his family and friends. He's very VERY loveable.
Kyle: I've had better.

Girlfriend: WHAT?!

Kyle: It was supposed to be a joke, but it didn't come out too funny.


Kyle: I'm so sorry, Hailey please forgive me.
by tessia April 03, 2010
193 117
The most sexy guy you will ever lay eyes on. He is very generous and romantic.
Shy, yet loving. Definatly gets the hot babes.
HotBabe1:Wow look at that?
HotBabe2:Wow, I never thought I would meet Kyle.
HotBabe1:HE's MINE!!!
HotBabe2:Sorry, but he saw me first.
by Christina8787 November 02, 2008
184 113