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1. adj. describing one when another describes one to have qualities that resemble that of a gentleman.
2. adj. the word that is used to describe one standing up at McDonalds to let others sit down
Mel/Emily/Melemily: Wow Ben how "gentlemanly" of you.
by Benny Michael Te Hana Erickson April 11, 2005
1. adj. a word used to describe a being who displays behavior commonly associated with that of a gentleman
The gentlemanly man (as of August, 26 2015) emerged from his house with an umbrella to escort his lovely girlfriend into the house; despite the rain.
by Jiska _ October 09, 2015
a word used to describe a man (sometimes a cat or dog) who displays mannerisms similar to that of a gentleman
The gentlemanly man (as of August 26, 2015) graciously held the umbrella while escorting his lovely girlfriend inside.
by Jiska _ October 19, 2015
Main Entry: gen·tle·man·ly
Pronunciation: -lE
Function: adjective
: characteristic of or having the character of some who is boring, but a real, real nice guy
Don't worry, you will like him, he's very "gentlemanly"
by rm January 26, 2005
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