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Noun.-One of the best guys on the face of the earth. Extremely smart, yet athletic, talented, and downright sexy. Is good at football, and will definatly marry a hot girl.
Kyle will play college football.
by Ying-Chong February 07, 2008
An insanely cute guy who has a way with the ladies ;) He is such a sweetheart that can make anyone's heart melt. He's really determined and once he has his heart set on something he will go for it. He will bring out the best in you and will always make you laugh with his awesome sense of humor. He is an incredible best friend, lover, anything he sets his mind to- he succeeds and is great at! He is such a stud and is super trustworthy. You can tell him anything, and he will always keep your secrets and stay a loyal friend. Besides from being incredibly goodlooking, he is also an extremely smart guy, who is charming, kind, and exceptionally fun to be around! Not to mention his kisses are out of this world perfect!! His presence brightens up any room with his radiant smile and adorable butt chin. He is the best friend anyone could ever wish for; and anyone is lucky to know him.
Friend: Who are you texting?
Girl: Kyle! :)
Friend: Damn you're lucky, he's amazing <3
by justakiss November 07, 2011
Great guy, funny, easy to fall in love with, easy to miss, evything a girl wants, (maybe a girl like me wants)


makes people laugh easily, cares about his friends, would be there when you need him, and thinks I used to be a *eric* (that cat there)
kyle is awesome and might think im retarded for writing this :P
by berrymelly@hotmail.ca March 19, 2011
A handsome, intellectual King. He is admirable, respectable you name it. With a big heart for the people he loves Kyle makes an extraordinary giver. Physically he is thin yet built like a warrior, with smooth tan skin and black hair that feels good when you run your hands through it. Kyle has a sexy ass pair of eyes that are seductively mysterious.. penetrating you from any distance possibly telling you something yet nothing at all. Kyle’s smile and laugh is extremely infectious. Kyle generally has two sides to him, the first very serious, confident, peaceful but poised, a skillful and unbeatable fighter, sometimes seems void of emotion and cold, dark and mysterious, god-like, and VERY competitive. On the contrary his more private side is refreshing, loving and sweet, possessing a boyish charm that makes you feel beautiful in every way, listening patiently, and strives to understand things above and beyond him when it comes to a woman’s wants. Kyle has a heart of gold and is the best friend you could ever have in this world. He worries a lot when you’re not with him and he can get jealous at times. Kyle is a very sensual lover he likes to touch, taste, and feel. He is fun and adventurous not always favoring traditional ways of things. Extremely playful and loves to be naughty;) He exceeds effortlessly beyond all expectations and loves to be and is the very best.

***** Kyle Hieu is mine and only mine, sorry ladies this sexy beast is taken! ;) *****
by TheLuckiestGirlInTheWorld<3 December 21, 2013
the most amazing guy you'll ever meet. someone sweet, protective, funny, cute, and a total dork, but that's what makes him so awesome. that's what'll get you to like him so badly. you'll like him for the longest time. and even when you talk to and see him everyday, you know it'll never happen.
friend: hey, who do you like?

me: *glances at kyle* the most amazing guy i'll never have.
by whothefucktakesallmynames February 09, 2013
the sexiest guy i know!(: hes amazingLy aweome in every waY! hes the Sweet one who acts like himself no mAtter who hes with(: hes the kind of guy who makes everyoNe laugh. hes the big flirt who respects the girl he loves anD doEsnt Rush anything! hes super easy to fall in love with!(:
i love you kyle!
by poptart101 April 27, 2011
The type of guy you'll start to like, even if you don't know why. He has the type of personality that any girl would like. Kyle is the type any girl would fall for, even if Kyle can't be with the girl.
Girl - I miss you.
Kyle - Sorry i've been busy.
by MKellyN. November 27, 2012
A guy you meet in middle school and end up falling in love with right away. He can easily win any girl's heart but destroy it without realizing it. He is modest and cocky when it comes to his appearance and athletic abilities. He can be a flirt. He can have mood swings and make hurtful jokes without realizing it. In the end, he's an unpredictable guy. You want to hate him, but you just can't.
Kathleen- "I love Kyle!"
Friend- "You'll never stop!"
by Heartbroken1203980132947 May 06, 2011