a prude, pimple-pooping, procrastinating, x-box addicted, slow, hopeless, lifeless queer who spends his days going to school, making bad grades, and then going straight home on fridays (like he has anything better to do). He then sits on his cheap ass watching television and lusting unmercefully about celebrities and people that go to his school. He sits in his little "shelter" for many hours at a time, so many that stretch marks have begun to develop on his lower back and hips stretching down to the butt. He eats dinner from 4 o'clock till around 9:30 that night, or, at least, he says he does. But really everyone knows that he fingers himslef in the ass with his toothbrush, and then spies on his brother and then they both go have passionate anal sex and give each other rimjobs in his "playroom". (Kinda spooky huh?) All the exercise this fat tub of shit and lard gets is at school. He cannot bench press his bodyweight (pussy), he cannot power clean his bodyweight (pussy), and worst of all he only squats 60 pounds over his bodyweight which is pathetic (also, pussy). His early maturity gave him an edge in middle school, but, now, other school childrenhave long gone caught him and past him. He will not make the junior varsity basketball team. He will not make the varsity 7-on-7 team, and he sure as HELL won't make varsity football. If he somehow makes varsity for playoffs it will be because he is the backup's backup's backup for deep snapping. Another sorry case of how bad he sucks at life and sports and school. Many girls wonder about him because he hasn't had a girlfriend since the seventh grade. That is pathetic. He is addicted to porn, and would much rather please himself than have a girl do it for him. He is very prude and would probably rather let a boy that he knows touch his penis, than letting a girl touch it. The final moral of the word is don't let your kids play video games and become lazy, non-working, fatass bastards.
"Whoa! Is that kyle I see outside?"
"Why, yes, I believe it is?"
"He never comes outside."
"Well, his dad just got a new toy. It's a projector that projects the imac screen onto the side of the house."
"Oh. What a queer. Now I know why he is 'cumming' outside more often."
"Yea, what a loser."
by GigEMfAggies1213 February 11, 2007
Top Definition
Kyle: A generous, outgoing guy who goes out of his way for his friends. Can be sweet and caring towards people, he has a laid back and calm approach. Truthful, gullable, lovely and Sexy. Can be a bit of a stress head at times, can also hold grudges for a long period of time. Nice to get to know, easy to fall in love with.

-The name Kyle comes from the Scottish origin. In Scottish The meaning of the name Kyle is: Strait. Channel. Narrow. Used as both a surname and first name.
-The name Kyle is a baby boy name. The name Kyle comes from the Gaelic origin. In Gaelic The meaning of the name Kyle is: A place-name referring to the narrows; a wood or a church-Also an Irish origin.
Kyle You Sexxy Mama. ABC-It's easy as 1-2-3 (8) XD
by Claire ;) February 13, 2008
The most amazing, gorgeous, amazing boy in the world. Seriously, he's cute, funny, adorable strong, smart and beautiful; the most wonderful boy you'll ever. You'll find yourself falling in love with him fast.
x3 iloveyoukyle.
"Nuwayman.He's more than a 10! He's a KYLE!"
by eric (: June 12, 2008
Noun.-One of the best guys on the face of the earth. Extremely smart, yet athletic, talented, and downright sexy. Is good at football, and will definatly marry a hot girl.
Kyle will play college football.
by Ying-Chong February 07, 2008
Kyle- The most radiant person you'll ever meet. He has the biggest, warmest heart. His eyes out shine the stars and has more love to give than cupid himself. It's hard to make him angry but if you do don't expect redemption. He is so easy to fall in love with. He aims to please the woman he's with and will never be less than you deserve. He isn't shy and is ready to give you the truth boldly. He's the most hilarious guy you'll meet. If you hold onto a kyle never let him go because he's the man of your dreams, your best friend and great lover.
He is so funny like a kyle!
by Carlsfried December 13, 2011
the most amazing, perfect sweet boy in the world. light of my life. the funniest, most random and strongest boy ever. cute, adorable and beautiful: he is the person you will undoubtly fall in love with he's mine <3 (:]
You wish you were a Kyle.
by eric (: June 12, 2008
First name (male) with Celtic origins meaning:
1. Handsome
2. Narrow channel
3. Near the chapel

Has been among the 100 most popular names for the last 30 years.
1. That Kyle Backer was sure named appropriately; he is HOT
by Elliebutt January 23, 2007
Kyle Brovlofski, one of the four potty-mouthed kids (along with Stan, Kenny and Eric Cartman who are the main characters in the Comedy Central cartoon "South Park". Kyle is the good-hearted kid who always tries to do the right thing (just as Stan is the rational/practical one and Cartman is the racist a-hole), but usually wraps himself around the emotional axle trying to do it. Kyle is constantly tormented by Cartman for being Jewish. The second half of the "They killed Kenny" / "You bastards!" joke.
Stan: "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!"
Kyle: "You bastards!"
by SPDC May 07, 2006

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