Top Definition
Shit; Horrible; not up to the "cool" standards
can be used in conjuction with fuck
your kyfe; your fucking kyfe; fuck your kyfe
by Luke McCabe September 11, 2004
A bag of bad marijuana.
"That brother sells a lot of kyfe."
by Hank Jacobs November 25, 2003
A theif.
One who borrows without permission, and has no intention on giving it back.
One who takes something valuable to get back at someone.

Also see asshole
Ben's a fucking kyfe.

"I'm pissed."
"Roger kyfed my sister's virginity before I could."
by Rob December 24, 2004
A bad odour or taste of the female genetalia.
That girl's crotch smells like kyfe.
by bunny October 09, 2003
a big town word gone small
In the words of a hick "Y'all are kyfe!"
by glencoe wanna bes December 05, 2004
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