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1. Noun; A person who camps in video games to the point they're a n00b. This is most commonly but not limited to xBox Live games such as MW2.

2. Noun; Kwinking- The art of camping in xBox Live games to the extent you are booted, betrayed, or just a n00b. This is demonstrated through Kwink94. Also seen as kwink.

3. Adjective; Kwinkish- For someone or something to be like a Kwink. Generally very n00bish and annoying.

4. Adjective; Kwinking- This word can only be used to describe certain words. (See examples)
1. Kwinker: OWNED! I'M AWESOME! Don't even talk!
Non-Kwink: You're such a gay kwinker! -Boots Kwinker-

2. n00b: I'm kwinking so hard right now!
n00b #2: I'm going to go kwink too.

3. Person: That guy is so kwinkish! Let's slap him!

4. Kwinking Spree; Kwinking Trip; ect.
by defgiva November 09, 2010
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