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1. Noun; A person who camps in video games to the point they're a n00b. This is most commonly but not limited to xBox Live games such as MW2.

2. Noun; Kwinking- The art of camping in xBox Live games to the extent you are booted, betrayed, or just a n00b. This is demonstrated through Kwink94. Also seen as kwink.

3. Adjective; Kwinkish- For someone or something to be like a Kwink. Generally very n00bish and annoying.

4. Adjective; Kwinking- This word can only be used to describe certain words. (See examples)
1. Kwinker: OWNED! I'M AWESOME! Don't even talk!
Non-Kwink: You're such a gay kwinker! -Boots Kwinker-

2. n00b: I'm kwinking so hard right now!
n00b #2: I'm going to go kwink too.

3. Person: That guy is so kwinkish! Let's slap him!

4. Kwinking Spree; Kwinking Trip; ect.
by defgiva November 09, 2010
A true athlete is a person who plays many sports and tries hard. Athletes are nice to everybody, and hang out with whoever they want. Athletes are good sports. They usually have a plan in life and are qute smart. (Not quite nerds, whose IQ is greater than their wight. Very smart!)


Athletes are NOT to be confused with jocks! Jocks are Dumb Ass people who surprisingly are popular. (Does anyone know why?) A jock's IQ is 1/10th their weight. They play one sport, usually football or wrestling. Jocks get held back many times. They get cars they don't deserve, and end up living in their parent's basement, having a part time job flipping burgers at McDonalds. (IF LUCKY!)
Guy 1: Man, Curt is a true athlete, he's also really nice compared to Joe and his team. He's training hard!
Guy 2: Joe is a douchebag. He's probably still at that AIDS-fufilled party, wasted with his team and cheerleaders.
Guy 1: Does Joe even play anything besides football?
Guy 2: No, but Curt is on our Basketball team, LAX team, Baseball Team, and swim team. He plays a bunch of other sports, and not to mention his grades!

Joe and Curt were random names.
by defgiva March 02, 2010
An addictive song by Sean Kingston ft. IYAZ that if on youtube, will keep you clicking "replay" afterwards.
Bob: Man, I listened to replay at least 600 times lastnight.
by defgiva November 08, 2009
Pure Awesomeness
If used in Second Person talking to me can be used as you
In third person as (S)He
Me: I am me. So I am pure awesomeness.

Friend: Your ARE pure awesomeness.

Stranger: He is so a ME.
by defgiva November 22, 2009

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