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Someone who decides to play a game other than the one his friends are currently playing
Your friends are all playing GA and you decide to go play LoL.

Kweep: What are you doing?
Friends: Playing GA
Kweep: Oh OK. I'm gonna go play LoL
by DaWhale August 02, 2011
-To be weird.
-Something that is weird or diffirent

Created by hearing wrong over a POOH phone
was originally creeep but one heared kweep.

Ashley: he was such a kweep
Sek: yuh look at his clothes there so kweep
Sek: i am puting that on urban dictionary
That is so kweep..

kweeepie o_o

your a kweep..
by Sebastian Knickerbocker January 09, 2008
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