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Derived from the word "Kun" meaning small and also the word "cub" meaning ickle.

A Kuuni is the most amazing hugger in the world with a hilarious array of laughs.
Kuunis tend to have an obsession with all things adorable such as themselves, pandas and koala babis :P
They have fetishes for anything with long hair and eyeliner and anything with hands that can play Bass guitar :P ....and Matthews as well, ofcourse ;P

A Kuuni is in a cuddwy mood 24/7 and is therefore the cutest and most adorable and loveable things EVER.
Guy 1: I want a cuddle :/
Guy 2: Why dont you hug your girlfriend then?
Guy 1: Cos i wanna cuddle a Kuuni!
by Koala Babw January 04, 2011
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