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A hoodride is an old vintage car that's been lowered and has original faded or worn paint. In the best case, the car will also have rust and patina. Mismatched panels, dents and missing parts enhance the look because they add more character and originality. Driving a hoodride is about making use of a car everyone else would avoid because it's "ugly" or "beyond repair" and being able to love it for what it is. It's enjoying your car because you built it the way you want, and not how everyone else thinks it should look.

A hoodride is most often an older model air-cooled Volkswagen, but it doesn't really have to be a VW to qualify for hoodride status--It can be any rusty old car.
Shit man... Now that's a real Hood Ride.

The car sat out in a field for about ten years, and lost several fenders. It's a real hoodride.
by The Sad Emoticon August 02, 2006
Slammed rusty, patina'd car usually a aircooled VW.
That hoodride Ghia has some sik petina!
by Rustisgood December 01, 2008
A old rusty dropped/slammed automobile that you see rolling around the hood/ghetto.
I'm about to roll out in my hood ride.
by Tim J. R. November 04, 2007
1. an easy and cheap method of transforming an otherwise innocent Volkswagen air-cooled vehicle into something so stupid looking, you'll need circus/clown music to make the "look" complete.

2. a one way ticket to driving an unsafe car in addition to wearing out wheel bearings and rear tires due to feckless negative decamber.

3. all hoodrides must feature a super narrowed front beam for extra cool points among their peers. extra credit bro-brah kudos if spindle mount wheels (no front brakes) and roof rack are utilized.

4. a "look" that will, no doubt, be regretted very much like emo as the owner/driver ages.
"Hey, look... there goes another one of those gay-assed hoodride piles. Obviously, the driver doesn't care about or love his car. What a waste of a perfectly usable VW. Sad."
by Ken Fusion September 26, 2008
Term used by Air-cooled VW enthusiasts that refers to someone who has no money and no common sense.
"Hey check out my car. It's lowered and has no front brakes."

"Here's a nickel, go buy a clue hoodrider."
by Mess Wit It February 27, 2007
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