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The Saturday before Christmas Known to be the "pot-smoker's Christmas", a day to go "Kushmas Carolling", and sing songs like "The 12 Days of Kushmas", "Frosty the Blunt man", "Grandma Got Ran Over by a Drug-Dealer", "Adolf The Red Eyed Stoner", or "Holy Joint". A day completely devoted to spending time getting high with friends, getting completely stoned and eating "Mass-Munchies".
by Nick Crisman December 02, 2010
A portable hoodie that is worn during cold weather.
Man, it sure is cold out here. I'm gonna wear my Kush-ma.
by Mush-ma June 18, 2013
what stoners call christmas/what they celebrate on december 25th
happy kushmas man! yea!
by Brittany K May 12, 2007
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