That Purple, high class weed that never makes it around the puff-puff pass circle because everyone wants more then one hit of it
-can be found in california
also a song by dr.dre
Wait a minnuet , lemme put some kush up in it
by Jamiee Kid March 19, 2011
Very high quality marijuana or weed.
Robin wishes he could afford that kush! He's smokin off that mexi-brick.
by Wooooooooooow September 25, 2010
Noun:A green plant that you smoke: Slang term for Marijuana,Purple Kush,Weed A
As the drug dealer walked in the house, he pulled out his bong, and smoked kush.
by Techno_Waffle December 15, 2014
The stickiest of the ickiest, illest of all strains, with potency to knock out your grandma, high grade, pay more get less. Cause it fucks you.
Ex. 1

*Ring, ring*

Got Kush bro?
Nah sorry bud I only ha-.. Hello?

When people want kush, they only want KUSH.


3 hundred a zip are you fucked?

Ex. 3

That bowl fucking rocked me, I am sooooo kushed.
by bleMG June 03, 2010
A very high quality strain of marijuana witch originated in the Hindu Kush mountain regions,located between India and Pakistan. Bushy resinous plants with a pungent odor.
"O'Neill! that kush we smoked was quality..."
by Dirty Minded August 08, 2007
The best strain of marijuana. Kush is the most potent and highest grade or "Dankest" weed purchasable. Best when rolled into a blunt or smoked out of a bong with anyone who is down for a good time. Everyone stayy stoneyy and Di Hi !!!!!!
by Super Stonerr March 28, 2010
(n.) k-oosh The soft, elegant, embracing part of the vagina. Not the FUPA, the lower lip area.
*Kush bumps* good shot broski!

Your kush is so soft and eligant upon my kush.

Guys like a little Kush-in for the pushin.
by KushBumper May 09, 2011

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