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An awesome movie. Just completely awesome. Everything about it: the action, the humor, and best of all, the Axe Gang.
Roth: "Hey, did you know the Lion's Roar can be done with a speaker?"

Alistair: "No kidding!"
by Blackwood June 23, 2005
Place a wooden board across a woman's vagina. Concentrate, channeling all of your energy into your fist. When ready, punch the board. If done successfully, your fist should break the board cleanly and end up inside the woman's vagina.
Shit dude, I tried to pull a kung-fu hustle the other day and my girl's bonch got all splintered.
by Jack February 28, 2005
The most offensive, violent, and hilarious chinese film ever made. It's a movie with kids pissing on people, A guy beating the shit out of gangsters with axes, and these 2 blind guys that kill stuff with their magical instrument. Ask any Chinese person about Kung Fu hustle, and they'll know what you're talking about.
person 1: Damn, you see Kung-Fu Hustle?

person 2: Fuck yeah! You see that part where an old gay guy wearing metal rings is beating the shit out of gangsters with top hats and axes?
by flash6605 June 26, 2013
A sexual excercise in which a 2x4 is placed in front of a woman's vagina. The man then winds up and slices the board in half with a kung-fu style punch thus splitting the board completely in half and leaving his entire fist inside the woman.
"Hey baby, let's do the Kung Fu can call me Bruce Lee, next stop, inside you."
by Masiso October 19, 2008
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