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something that describes:

- taking a crap.

- taking a poop.

- a #2
Are you taking a "kucky" in the bathroom?
Awwww man I just steped in some dog "kucky"
by ugokucky December 09, 2010
6 5
1. Typically associated with things that are regarded as unclean when talking with a child.

2. Use of this word is a dead give away you have raised kids.
Don't eat that off the floor, thats kucky.
by mthatch September 13, 2010
15 2
Is someone that is 'lucky' and 'cocky' at the same time.
Ah, this Cristiano Ronaldo is a very 'kucky' football player.
by Farshad Tami November 06, 2011
1 6
lucky, but said in a different way caz some people cannot pronounce L's
"Your so kucky today"
"huh? kucky? wats that"
"sorry it's l-l-l-lucky i cant pronounce it."
by bagabagabaga September 25, 2009
2 19