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Alias to a man named Kyle Miller, one of the most over talked about and over rated Counter-Strike players to ever use WON/STEAM. Currently playes for 3D and has an e-girlfriend who is uglier than shit. People often like to join servers under this name with the intent on making everyone in that server think they are infact Ksharp.
3D | Ksharp has connected.
by tears- July 23, 2004

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The handle of Counter-Strike player Kyle Miller, He has played in Cal-I for #team3d www.team3d.net since X3 broke up and with Quach, Rambo, Moto, and Volcano won the WCG 04 tournament in Korea for the US. He is the most recognized player in the US and maybe the world along with Heaton and Potti.
Ksharp is good on lan
by Major Payne Biatch August 02, 2005