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One of those rare individuals who is damn near perfect, and whose only flaws are endearingly endearing. Usually drop dead-gorgeous with a fantastic rear end; has the ability to levitate on demand.
Who was that goddess that just floated by?
Oh that was just Krysten.
by bluemoonin August 29, 2008
Beautiful woman of sophistican, graceful. Usually has at least one friend or family member by her side. Has lots of friends but trusts few. Krysten is funny, beautiful and smart. Weird in her own little ways, liked by most people yet hated among many, usually by other girls.
girl: "Oh great, here comes Krysten." (rolling of her eyes)

boy: "Oh great here comes Krysten!" (smiles)
by scottyohhotty August 27, 2008
The best freind any gurl could ever have. Always very sweet and beautiful. Always there no matter what situation is,And I will Love Her Forever.
Man that gurl is sooo Krysten dont you wish she was your freind.
by Sam's Gurl September 06, 2008
A sweet hot girl that girls hate and the boys are too scared to date
Will kick your ass
But will look damn good doing it
Girl: She must think she's all of that
Boy: She's not. She's all that and a bag of chips. I wish I could get with her...(day dreams about Krysten)
by GalaxyQueen January 26, 2014
a dumb bitch, usually has mcdonalds shaped unibrow,thinks she can dominate you with her power to file papers, gives band directors blow jobs to get positions, likes it up the ass, needs to learn what a tweezer is, has a bernie mac mustache, resembles pig like qualitites, doesnt understand that guys dont like coochie lipped kiss ass mono borw hemaphrodites . have a think for proboscus monkeys penis like nose. need to fall of a cliff or die of internal bleeding, preferabbly because she got hit by a truck driven by me. has very bad cooch. is a dyke in disguise, abd wants to fuck everyone regardless of HIV status
girl: " who the hell does she think she is, just standing there watching us march?"
boy: "so shes pulling a krysten? lets hope she doesnt go for the band directors dick or try to give us paper cuts with her file paper"
by someone lovely June 16, 2008

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