the chronic, the best, good shit, "off the hook".
you can also say "krypt"
that bag was krypto.

by jeaphunk July 14, 2003
Top Definition
Usualy refered to as high quality marijuana in South Florida (not sure if used in other locations)its better than regs or mids. Usualy smoked out of pieces (pipes), joints, blunts, bongs, or vaporizers. Sometimes baked into brownies, cookies, ect for oral consumption but that is usualy done with less expensive weed because the high you get from eating it is strong but after a certian point using more weed is a waste because you cant get any higher. You can usualy get an eighth for $50 or a half eighth for $25.
This party sucks, lets go smoke some krypto.
You got any krypto?
I just picked up an eighth of some good krypto.
by puttingupdeffscauseimbored January 07, 2006
Most badass dog in the universe.

This one hurt man. Krypto loves man. Krypto hurt this one. Man loves place. I protect place for man. Krypto good boy. --internal Krypto dialogue, Superman #679
by Lady Starscream September 22, 2008
To be socially retarded.
Danny: You're such a fuckin Krypto.
by PacificRecon101 December 12, 2009
adjective. Means bad ass, kick ass, or awesome.
Did you see that dude jump over the fire on his bike? That shit was Krypto!
by Yoass May 04, 2007
also an abbreviation for kryptonite, refers to one man's ability to act as kryptonite on another man's booty game.
I call jeremy glassmacher krypto because he kills my mother fucking game
by Dan Deitz January 30, 2005
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