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Spongebob,Squidward, and Mr. Krabz from Spongebob are the Krusty Krew,because they run the Krusty Krab.

Krusty is taken from the restaurant name "Krusty Krab",and "krew" is just a funny name to spell crew.
Good morning krusty krew!! - Patrick
by iWasB0red August 14, 2009
proper noun. an extremely diverse group of overly obese women that could easily mistaken as a group of whales and or men. The group resides at CSU.
Pete: "Hey there's the Krusty Krew."
Jared: "Where?"
Pete: "Over there...all flocking around Blackbird!"
Jared: "Wow...i thought it was a group of flock of wild
by Jizzy and Pizzy November 05, 2006
A group of kids that are lame, gay, and get no pussy.
"Damn, that guy gets no pussy!"
"He must be a part of the Krusty Krew"
by ihatekids July 15, 2014
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