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Big Brown Indian kid that will kick ne1's ass. Also very good looking.
hey, is that Krupesh i just saw walking down the hall, he is a dream.
by Krupesh Patel April 29, 2004
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Known as a god in greek mythology. He destroys noobs around the world and makes them bow down to him. No one has ever reached the same level as him, he is superior to man kind. He slayed many beasts in the nether land and he came out untouched. He has so much swag it killed many retards. These days the word Krupesh is use to call someone that is superior.
-Dude your so brave!
-Call me Krupesh.
by FakerSenpai June 10, 2015
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Kru: Testicles
Pesh: Shit

Cum-shit, the leakage of a woman's asshole after a good hard pounding.
"After I got done beating her bumper some serial krupesh was dripping from her stink star."
by freedomfighters July 10, 2008
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