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12 definitions by freedomfighters

The Lone Testicle.

Used to describe the single testicle sported by those less fortunate souls. When used in plural (gangsters) meaning both testicles.

Can also be substituted for gangsta(s)
Drunk Man: "I've got two gangstas holdin up my gun."
Drunk Woman: "Would you please let me caress your gangsters with my tongue until you jizz on my forehead?"


Man 1: "Did you know Doug only had one gangster?"
Man 2: "What are you talking about?"
Man 1: "He had a herniated testicle, that is until he had the operation and got it pull down."
Man 2: "No way!"
Man 1: "You might say his balls have finally dropped."
Man 2: "That's awesome. lol"
Man 1: "You can call him frankennut n - dude did you just say 'lol'? You're fucking stupid"
by freedomfighters June 18, 2008
Used to describe a person bares the scars of testicular surgery in which a missing or herniated testicle was either added or lowered.

When added, the second testicle is for aesthetic reasons alone and contributes no functional value. In truth the added testicle can be any sentimental item such as a mothers gallstones or a nerf football.

The aesthetic addition of a testicle is usually to bolster the patient's low self esteem brought on by sporting an empty grocery sack.
Guy 1: "Hey frankennut! How's my nerfy doing?"
Guy 2: "Fuck off asshole!"
Audience: "Guy 2 you've just been Douged!"
by freedomfighters June 18, 2008
That one person you bring camping only because they get all the mosquitos when they're around.
"We're going camping this weekend, wanna come?"
"Sure, can I invite my ex as campbait?"
"Good Idea! This is going to be great!"
by freedomfighters July 29, 2008
What the labia resembles after a good blistering-hard fuck.
"Take that! I'm going to turn your vag into skin curtains!
by freedomfighters July 10, 2008
Used to describe hot college girls riding bicycles.
"I thought that was illegal."
"Peddlin pussy."
by freedomfighters June 18, 2008
Main Entry: thun·der·cunt
Pronunciation: /-cunt/
Function: noun

1 a : used to describe a female whose personality contains certain traits not pleasing to men, most commonly used in place of targeted victim's name.
1 b : usually one who's personality includes but is not limited to the following traits: control freak, pushiness, bipolar, gonorrhea, republican, judgemental, bitchiness, preparation H, the bible, vaginal antifungal cream, hypocritical, excessive nagging
Barbara Streisand: "I'm a total cunt and I hate men!"
Ann Coulter: "Fuck you bitch! Your a cockmongrel who hates America!"
Judge Judy: "Fist my ass now slimy thundercunt!"
Ann Coulter: "I eat fetus's!"
by freedomfighters June 18, 2008
Reaction(s) that happen both in a quite apparent fashion, simultaneously or possibly in sequence, but because of directly, or made possible by the fact that both related actions are rooted reactions of the same initial action, yet directly influence the outcome of 'one or another/each other.'
There were 8 friends who all hated each other; bill, jeff, jill, jim, john, joe, jack, jane, and stephanie.

Bill hated jeff and jill.


Jeff hated jim.
Jill hated john




John hated joe
Jim hated jack


Jeff/ \Jack
Bill< >Stephanie

Jill\ /Joe

Now imagine Bill slapping jeff and jill because he hates them, Jeff and Jill slap Jim and John because they hate them, Jim and John slap Jack and Joe because they hate them, and Jack and Joe both slap Stephanie because they hate her.

A person may use the actions of Jack and Joe as obsequently occuring incidents because both were caused by apparently the same intial action, and both are related to each other on the basis of outcome, influence, and direct influence between the initial action and the consequently related reaction.
by freedomfighters January 01, 2010