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The little bits vagina that peer out the sides of a way to skimpy thong.
Oh my god! When she bent over I think I saw some krunt!
by Kid8088 May 19, 2008
A combination of the terms krump and turnt, which refers to a condition of partying beyond dancing and drinking. A state of krunt-ness implies not only the act of partying intensely but also an attitude of disproportionate pleasure at the mere idea of substituting partying for caring.
Do you have homework tonight? Yea, but let's just get krunt instead.
by rywren May 11, 2014
short for crusty-cunt
you could'nt pay me to stick it in that krunt
by wearegolem August 27, 2003
Basically, it's a pink sock cherry-cheesecake all on top of a blumpkin. Here's the deal: you are taking a humongous, growling shit while a girl is sitting on your boner. You grunt, "I'M ABOUT TO JIZZM" and punch her in the back as she stands up, causing her to clench her sphincter around your loverod. This causes anal prolapse, which is fancy talk for her guts hanging out of her butt. Even though she's in immense pain, you make her finish you off with a BJ. After you finish on her face, you deliver a falcon punch to the dome. This will cause blood to spew and mix with your man-juice.
Nothing is worse than the holocaust. Well, maybe a Krunt.
by dr_dack_slap May 27, 2010
female ejaculate
Yo, I was eating this girl out last night and woke up this morning with krunt all over my beard.
by c $ May 03, 2003
the small strip of skin where your gooch or taint connnects to your ballsack and sometimes chafes
oh man me and kory were playin halo and it took us like 2 hours to completely stick each other in the krunt
by carrie underkrunt July 23, 2008
A nasty,drunken,heartless,cruel,evil bitch with a dry,crusty hole. Full of hate, yet completely empty and void at the same time.
Rita is a real Krunt. It's no wonder Bob cheats on her with sleazy whores from the valley.
by BurnInHell March 25, 2009

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