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Greek Titan of the universe. Son of Oranos, Father of Zeus. A prophecy wads foretold that Oranos would be defeated by his son (Kronos), who would be in turn defeated by his son (Zeus). Scared the prophecy might be true, Kronos swallowed every child alive who he and Gaia (his wife) gave birth too. Gaia, after having Zeus, feared for him and hid him on Earth. Eventually, Zeus and Gaia tricked Kronos into puking out their children (Poseidon, Hera, Hades,etc.) and Zeus declared war on Kronos. Kronos then gathered all the titans for battle. Zeus, however, called the gods and the thousand handed ones to his aid. The thousand handed ones then threw rocks and killed the titans. The survivos (including Kronos) and all of Kronos's minions were put in the hellish prison Tartarus where they would spend the rest of their days.
If you play the game "Age of Mythology, the Titans Ex." you can find stories of Kronos, or simply go to your public library.
by All seeing December 09, 2004
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Normally a title attached to a well endowed, yet refreshingly humble person. (Kro- from ancient greek; krokoas, gracious, nos - noslaakia, ancient greek; very large pork sausage often used with pizza like pastry based dishes)
-I heard that guy can hit the bottom of a beer glass.
-Wow, I wonder if he is single, what a kronos
by Michelle Holloway September 12, 2005
To do a kronos is when one trys to abort doing a certain task by hiding themselves away from the rest of the pact.
Kronos_old_1 hiding with private chat off, on the popular MMORPG Runescape
by Mr_delija January 24, 2008

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