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(noun) A Kristen or Krissy who has managed to grow up while retaining her kittenish qualities.
A Kritten is more mature than a kitten but much more sexy and playful than a cat.
A Kritten is curious and independent but, unlike the immature kitten, cannot be trained or domesticated. And it won't get fat.
Krittens like to mate with Marks and can often be spotted in alleyways and the toilets of upmarket drinking establishments.

Etymology - from the uncomplicated amalgamation of the words Kristen and kitten.
Boy 1: Hey, check out that Kritten!
Boy 2: What? Don't you mean 'kitten'?
Boy 1: No, she's behaving more responsibly than a kitten so she must be a Kritten.
Boy 2: Oh yeah. And she's really hot.
Girl 1: Why don't you guys stare at me instead?
Boy 1: Because you are minging.
Boy 2: Yeah. And you are no fun. Leave us alone, we want to chase the Kritten.
by Smut Brooks August 03, 2009
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A word meaning to rip blow a big one or bite a cock.
"You stupid kritten...fuck off"
by Anonymous April 09, 2003

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