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Classic (male) Hungarian name, "kriszti" for short.
In english it translates to be pronounced as "christian" or "chris" for short.
That guys name is Krisztian, what an odd spelling.
-Yeah he must be Hungarian.
by Krisztian T November 21, 2009
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Your friendly neighbourhood whiner with the usually unshaven beard and bad beer breath. Comes complete with hot European girlfriend and big time public kissing. Speaks with albeit a screwed up accent and is infamous for bad pronunciation of English words. A budding sportsman and self proclaimed legend of basketball.
"Dude you seen that new guy? He's a total Krisztian!"

"Yeah look at that guy taking a layup - that's just so Krisztian."

"God that guy sucks so hard at math I swear he's a Krisztian."
by fosters58 January 19, 2009

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