common asian name, smokes weed, probably extremely fly, very badass, particular sex offender name, hot girl. Falls in love very easily. Gangstalicious, thugnificent
"I met suh a hot girl today"

"That girl is such a Kristine"
by dawesome February 24, 2010
Noun. Kristines are typically strange girls who force people to write definitions about them on Urban Dictionary. Their interests include youtubing, writing stories in first person, and creating endless layouts. They frequently move in herds and take impossibly long showers in the morning, forcing their cohabitants to resort to using the nearby river to cleanse themselves.
Bystander 1: Oh em gee.. is that a Kristine you're talking to?
Bystander 2: Absolutely, you can tell from the way she takes new pictures every 5 minutes or so.
by Wataridori September 01, 2006
Kristine- Adj; Kris-teen Describing painful thighs resulting from excessive copulation with one male partner mounted upon the other female sex partner.
"Jeez James, my thighs! You were sure an animal!"

"Tell me schlumpkins, your thighs, do they <i>Kristine<i>?"

"Yes James, yes they do."
by gihorski November 25, 2006
Kristine- Verb; kris-teen The action of copulating excessively and in turn, the female partner contracts sore thighs and/or legs.
"Wow Pete! I heard you boned that girl!"

"Yes Joe, I had her <i>KRISTINEING<i>...."

"Wow Pete!"
by gihorski November 25, 2006
A type of female that has no sense of direction and only looks in the direction of herself. She will hurt you the first chance she gets so beware.
Dont turn around or she;ll kristine you
by sicca September 08, 2008
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