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man magnet. hot. flirt. flirtatious behavior should not be confused with being a hoe. loves being loved.
girl 1- dang do you see that girl with all those boys?

girl 2- ya shes such a kristel.
by jimmy crablovermcnelson August 28, 2008
Derived from the Greek language, meaning 'annointed,' a person with great power, don't mess with this crazy bitch or she'll awesomely spiflicate your sorry ass.
watch out, she'll go all Kristel on you
by bossgirl August 18, 2008
Super gorgeous babe with a ridiculously extreme amount of energy. It's like she is exploding with Vitamin C from every pore! She is also thoughtful, when she thinks of you she will make sure you know about it and feel loved. A Kristel is a good friend.
Kristel: "How are you?! I've been thinking about you. I hope you have had an awesomely fantastic week!"

Friend: "I'm good thanks, just busy with work and stuff."

Kristel: "Oh, that's so awesome! It's so good to see you. I can't WAIT to catch up with you. You are fantastic! Love you!"

Friend: *feels warm fuzzies*
by Quinnator October 05, 2010
To be "keepin' it real".
GIRL 1 - Dayum girl, you sure pimpslapped that whore.
GIRL 2 - Naw, I'm just Kristel-in' it.
by electrawashere August 25, 2008