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A fun and awesome person. Vey outgoing and really fun to talk to. Doesn't let small things get a hold of her. Very pretty with an amazing personality. Can really liven up a boring place. She can definitely make anyone laugh. The best person you'll ever get the chance to meet.
Guy 1: Hey, who's that?
Guy 2: She's a kristabelle. She can make anyone laugh.
Guy 3: Oh I wish I knew her.
by Slendy<3 September 06, 2012
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Kristabelle is refering to a girl that has the prettiest smile and a heart melting voice. She is intelligent and beautiful, she is energetic and is the best person to talk to. She can brighten up the mood at any moment and is a girl you would never want to loose.
Omg do you see that kristabelle?!?
Wow that kristabelle there is such a kristabelle!!
I've never seen a kristabelle like that kristabelle!
Yeah nah yeah neither have i seen a kristabelle like that kristabelle!
by Troiano Choinaldo September 04, 2016
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