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Crazy, mysterious, hot as fuck, highly ambitious, knows what she wants and how to get it and completely melodramatic. She is the spirit of the place she is in, and gets guys without trying and leaves an impression wherever she goes. She's a multitalented chick-flirty, great friend, easy to talk to, and handles things very well but she is a bundle of some hot mess and can be a total bitch if you get on her wrong side.
god she makes me insane but i love her so much, she's such a kripi!
by flwowowhi February 06, 2014
Fumo onza de kripi.
by ElRobie October 18, 2010
Usually used to describe someone who has a FUPA or just someone who is a Douche. (Must be used while slowly wiggling fingers).
Man Emos sure are Kripi (very slow finger wiggling)!! Look at that Kripi over there in the spandex, her fat labia are hanging out!!!
by Abigail-17 December 07, 2006

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