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Krikor is the name of an Armenian hero who helped keep the Armenians Christian when they were under control by a cruel dictator. Currently it is being used as a name. (My name is not Krikor)
Teacher: Class say hello to the new student Krikor.
Class: Hi Krikor.

by Freddy Melkumian February 17, 2009
A beautiful man who is so caring, kind, wonderful, lovable, and helpful.
I am in love with Krikor.
by AngelaLH November 17, 2006
A word to describe someone as an idiot or a tool.
Girl one: Dude, that guy that sits behind us in math class thinks he's the hottest guy in school.

Girl two: I know, he's a frickin' krikor.
by lyndsey c December 11, 2008

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