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most commonly refers to def amazing people. usually connected with many people, even the coppers! hitchikers and hobos. love ice cream, but needs water to constantly drink cuz oddly enouf they get super thirsty while the ice cream is in their mouths. ODD PEOPLE. never critical. a family of kriegers can make the perfect companions for an afternoon stroll around the town.also like to tease people consantly
-geez they look like they are having fun!
-i know. i'm so jealous. they are so kriegers.
by myrealnameis... April 30, 2009
A douche bag that treats everybody wrong especially girls that liked him. Very annoying and his face is covered with pizza. Attempts to act better than everyone.....Also a pussy.
John "Dude I heard Luke just hurt this girls feelings by telling lies about her."

Dan " Yeah I know, its very annoying"

Dan " What a krieger!"
by Get a life 1.4.3. January 20, 2012
to be a person that has greasy hair.

dude, you're such a krieger....

pronounced: (kree-gr)
by wootinshnizle January 17, 2008
a small, disturbing, bothersome growth located usually on or around the penis.
Person 1: "Dude so what did the doctor say?"
Person 2: "He said its a Krieger....i have to get it surgically removed"
Person 1: "Bummer"
by BlueSquirrel93 March 15, 2009

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