A word used by some hipsters to denote typical "mainstream" people they deem inferior to themselves, usually for their tastes in fashion or music.
Hipster DJ: "You see that kraut with the Uggs and mini-skirt? Did she really just request Britney Spears? Doesn't she know I only spin tech house?"

Hipster: "Well at least if the cops shut down the party all the kraut will leave and we can start back up without them."
by humble hipster November 09, 2009
Top Definition
Offensive slang for a German person.
You bloody krauts! I'm going to kill those dumb huns!
by Gumba Gumba April 12, 2004
British slang for a German Citizen.
Get your towel off my sunbed, you fucking kraut.
by Gumba Gumba March 01, 2004
People who are German or have German heritage. It comes from the Germans eating a German dish called sauerkraut (which is spoiled cabbage).

Calling a German a kraut because they eat sauerkraut, is like calling a Mexican a beaner because they eat beans.
I'm a kraut, and proud of it too! But I don't really like sauerkraut.. it tastes funny.
by goXrockXyourself May 07, 2006
A derrogatory slander which the Allied forces used to refer to German military units in World War II. This term comes from the German dish sour-kraut.
Watch out for those krauts across the field!
by Mark Arrington May 03, 2006
1) Derogatory term referring to a person from Germany or having German blood.
2) The german word for herb.
3) Slang german for marijuana.
1) "That fucking Kraut is pissing me off."
2) "Ich brauche mehr Kräuter für meine Suppe."
3) "Ich rauche das Kraut" or "That bockwurst munching shitcunt wouldn't share any of his kraut.
by FotzeKraut July 06, 2011
"kraut": German "ricey" car mods and behavior.
Stop the kraut!

Don't put those "LED strips" on your car and "angle eyes" in your headlights. They never came on that car as a option.

"it's too bad that ______ tossed that kraut on his car, it looked much cleaner before."
by Dan McBoost July 27, 2012
A racist word to describe Germans or people who look like German
I really hate those ugly Krauts!!
by DoctorWhisky February 05, 2014
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