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Definition one: When a business sells product that customarily includes features normally included but said business is selling the same features for additional price.

Definition two: Any time a business (video game or otherwise) sells a barebones product and sells "additional" content that is necessary to use product for a price.

(Does not apply if initial product is of fair value)
Example of definition one:

1st person: "I just went to this restaurant and had a steak dinner. It wasn't bad but they charged me for the steak sauce and even for the ketchup for my side order of fries. That stuff is supposed to be included last time I checked!"

2nd person: "Yeah, you got Koticked."

Example of definition two:

1st person: "Man I just bought this awesome new video game but just to play with all my friends I gotta by a ton of download content. I bought it for $50 but all this extra stuff is costing like $100 more."

2nd person: "You've been Koticked."
by MrHapkido September 17, 2010
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