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a dirty ghetto sugar water mix
kool aid in the ghetto is a normal juice
by blackguy805 March 30, 2010
5 5
yo gotta kool aid, cuz im thirsty bro..
by lil pimp yo July 04, 2009
4 4
When a girl is so oddly fat that she resembles the "Jug of Juice" known as the kool aid man.
"Dude you know that girl who always wears those red maternity shirts?"
"Yeah dude total kool aid."
-A-Dog and nedbalek-
by anthonyferrando April 19, 2007
17 17
The idea that having AIDS is Kool. An idea propagated by shows like Showtime's version of Queer as Folk, American pharmaceutical companies needing to push AIDS drugs in 2000, and San Francisco's Treasure Island Media that has pushed the limits of bareback pornography.

Please also see terms like "bug chaser" that didn't show up in the gay community until 1998.
Wow, that girl visits the bathhouse sooo much you think she believed in Kool AIDS.

That girl on roller skates is either going to a reshowing of Boogie Nights or a Roller Disco funded by Drew Barrymore.
She is soo Kool AIDS.

That girl isn't going to an AIDS fundraiser, she is the AIDS fundraiser. She is sooo Kool AIDS.

She thinks she's liberating herself through sex and Candy Darling quotes, unfortunately she's fallen victim to Kool AIDS.

Sam Adams got his job as mayor by pretending to be straight and posing with children. He was never Kool AIDS.

Gay people can't compete with Charlie Sheen without falling victim to Kool AIDS.
by quintincrisp July 04, 2011
3 4
A new term for sex so partents don't know what you're talking about. KOOL(TO GET L)AID
"i had made Kool-aid yesterday"
"When was the last time you drunk some kool-aid?"
"I heard that they made kool-aid in the girls locker room"
by Amaysiinqgx3 December 10, 2009
7 8
Slang for propaganda that tastes good on the surface, but eventually kills you. A certain Jim Jones took his cult of almost 900 people to Africa and when investigated for human rights abuses, gave the entire cult Kool-Aid laced with Cyanide to kill them and cover his tracks, telling them that the Russians were coming to kill them.
Thus, the association of Kool-Aid with political propaganda and lies.
Dumb Democrat: Dude, this new guy Obama is so great. He is going to lower taxes, help out the middle class and stop corporate fraud.

Smart Republican: (under his breath) Drink the Kool-Aid, my children...
by __anonymous____ December 09, 2009
26 27
Kool-Aid refers to the contraction of AIDS.
Dude, look at that nasty ass hoe. Shes full of Kool-Aid.
by Jesus Loves Me. or does he? March 24, 2010
2 5