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The kool kids klub or KKK for short, is a special club were only "cool" kids that do "cool" stuff can be a part off. They usually drink alcohol and do heavy drugs. They also engage into explicit fornication sessions and are outcasts in society. Very few people are members of the KKK.
I see you are part of the Kool Kids Klub; too strange too live but too rare to die...
by The Amazing Asshole March 22, 2009
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the kool kids klub is a very nice klub where all the pure people the rich people go to the camps and the poor people go to the ghettos. The poor people who become rich go to the rap industry. and the pure people go to the kool kids klub. Most of the time the people in the klub make nice campfires out of cute crosses and they wear this adorable white robe. The most pure person wears red because that shows he is the most important.Lots of people should join the klub its very nice. We are also known as the kkk . join us
wanna kill the poor people join the Kool kids klub
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by kooler kids klub January 31, 2017
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