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Legendary emcee from Corona, Queens, NY. Formerly of the Juice Crew along with Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane among others. Widely considered one of the greatest rappers of all time. Known for his rapid-fire flow, very complicated rhyme schemes, and street/mafioso storytelling skills.
As I steps inside the playground
I lays down my laws at the door
and any nigga that's lookin for trouble
gotsta face these silver double-four's
that I be packin on my hip, hollow-tips inside the clip
Ready to rip a niggaz shit and make his wig slip
to the side as a homocide's commited
I gets rid of niggaz quick cause ain't no bullshit permitted
I'm a outlaw, the motherfuckin villain doin killings, I won't stop
until the morgue got bodies stacked up to the fuckin ceiling
And ain't no drivebys, a mag and a bag lady, disguised and surprise
you got a hole between your fuckin eyes
Niggaz is grazed, catchin strays from the blaze
Amazed by the ways I lays em down when my shit sprays
Crazy brains hangin, and niggaz veins are swingin
Bangin and gunslingin, even my own fuckin ears are ringin
cause what I carry's much bigger than Dirty Harry's
Do a Hail Mary, I make Bloody Mary's out of your capillaries
Pieces of flesh, hangin off a niggaz chest, cause the vest
that he dress, couldn't FUCK with the Smith and Wess'
Motherfuckers runnin for miles, bodies stacked up in piles
I'm killin executioner style

~Kool G Rap "Executioner Style" (courtesy of
by King Sam May 27, 2006
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New York, USA-based protégés of the omnipresent Marley Marl, from Queens.

2 of the most consistant rappers of all time.
The Streets.
by pseudonym April 29, 2004

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