Top Definition
A person who's a complete bad ass.
Jane: Hey, How you doin'?

Konark: *punch* see you tomorrow, loser!
by johnsmith11 September 11, 2010
Random Belgian guy who keeps saying faggot all the time and pisses the rest of the universe off.
Random guy: This milk is good
Konark: Damn, thats just some faggoty milk, faggot! Faggtastic!
by Deetsmaster D July 22, 2008
Someone who is just annoying, generally small, and has this feeling he has to make up for it by being a loud, obnoxious cunt.
Aurelie: Hey you guys, how are you?

Konark: Suck it you jew, no one likes you, you faggot!

Everyone: WTH?

Konark: Face it you Douchedick!
by m1ssp1nk May 25, 2009
a faggotastic awkward turtle
Konark: "That pizza was pizzatastic"

Everybody: "Go back to Belgium"
by koncrack August 10, 2008

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