1.) n. That than which nothing greater can exist excluding Chuck Norris and Gumby. 2.) n. Name given to those who can catch moths in mid flight and consume them in under 1.7 seconds. 3.) adj. Name given to those who encounter bizzar and surreal situations on a regular basis.
"I worship the ground Konan walks on."
"He caught that moth like a Konan!"
"My day was pretty Konan-like..."
by Konan November 20, 2006
Top Definition
Character in Naruto thats a member of the Akatsuki organazation. She is the only female in the Akatsuki and is partenered up with Pein (the leader)
Konan is an Akatsuki member
by Tanner Ford April 05, 2008
One who likes to give dirty sanchezes to women.
Konan just gave that girl a dirty sanchez.
by Anonymous July 24, 2003
The barbarian.
That movie really sucked.
by Yeah June 05, 2003
buff 13 yr old boy who goes haling manor he is wot u call a chung ting
da boy who hangs round wit troubs who goes harris ctc
by he nose who i am July 24, 2003
A late-night talk show host who really sucks.
I was watching the Konan show last night and he had a dog on talking about shitting on things.
by admiralspeedy July 24, 2003
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