1.) The man who averages 4.5 assists, which is more than Rip Hamilton, Wilt Chamberlin, Carmelo Anthony, etc.

2.) The man who, dispite being a SHOOTING GUARD, averages over 5 rebounds a game

3.) Probly the best defencive guard in the game, who made the All-NBA Team AND All-Defencive team last year

4.) The greatest player in the NBA, but will never win an MVP because people don't like him enough even to put him in the top five MVP ballot (2006 an example)

5.) A Leader on the court, who had led the youngest NBA team in the NBA to the playoffs last year (Still didn't win MVP last year)

6.) Someone that did something Jordan couldn't do, score 81 points in a game, the single greatest moment in NBA history (Still didn't win MVP)

7.) Someone who scored 61 points in 3 quarters againts the Western Conference Champion Mavericks (Still didn't win MVP)

8.) The man who was on a team that people felt were the worst team in the league (Next to the Jazz, Bobcats, and Hawks) but still got them to the playoffs (Still didn't win MVP)

9.) The man who completley shut down Steve Nash (Current MVP) in round one in the plaoffs (Still didn't win MVP)

10.) The Eventual All-Time Leading scorer

11.) Most Exsplosive player ever to play in the NBA

12.) The person that people who know nothing about basketball still consider a ballhog

13.) The man who was found INNOCENT of rape

14.) Three-Time NBA Champion

15.) Greatest Player Ever
Stupid: Kobe's a ballhog

Very Stupid: Kobe's a Rapist

Extremely Stupid: Kobe's Overated

Smart: Your all dumbasses
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by Cards in 06 September 03, 2006
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something a black man says when they throw a condom into a trashcan after having sex with a white woman in a hotel room
jamal shoots and he scores! kobe!
by stan February 13, 2005
An exclamation, referring to talented basketball player and alleged rapist Kobe Bryant, used when someone does something requiring skill or great luck pretending to be skill. Created by Dave Chappelle when throwing a used condom into the trash can after prematurely ejaculating in an episode of Chappelle Show.
(Tosses piece of trash toward the trash can, goes in) KOBE!

(Takes a shot in pool, goes into a completely different pocket then the player anticipated) KOBE!
by Gin_Orphan April 15, 2004
a person who enjoys ass-pounding females relentlessly
damn girl my ass is sore, billy did a kobe on me last night !
by some TFer March 01, 2004
A city in Japan.
See also basketball and rape.
Kobe's in deep shit.
by KRHimself February 22, 2004
to throw a condom in a garbage can after having sex with a mentally-retarded, blonde, white woman on the back of a chair in a hotel room in colorado.
i swear! it was consensual!
by clevelandsteamer August 07, 2005
A great word to scream while doing something or anything that brings excitement or joy to you or friends.
(When you throw trash away from a far)KOBE!
(While having sexual intercourse)KOBE!
(While actually playing basketball)KOBE!
#kobe #kobe bryant #kobe! #screaming #excitement
by Chunkzerz! December 22, 2007
What everyone yells when they shoot a fadeaway jumpshot with a paper ball into the garbage can.
*pump fake*
*fadeaway jumper*
#kobe #jumper #jumpshot #lakers #basketball #paper #garbage
by hi-hat October 12, 2010
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